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In addition to developing our business, Graham is the company's Technical Leader and also provides services to clients as a Specialist Consultant. He has over 25 years experience in Risk Management, and Health, Safety & Environment; and has worked on developments in Australasia, Europe and USA.

He has been involved with major projects in design, development and operations phases in both onshore and offshore operating regimes. He has extensive knowledge of the application of Australian safety case regulations, and in the development of safety cases for major Australasian floating production storage and offload facilities, wellhead platforms, mobile offshore drilling units and onshore facilities.

Graham is a talented and experienced facilitator, and has led many HAZIDs, risk assessment and risk & opportunity workshops. He has also presented technical papers around the world, including USA and France, and throughout Australia.

He has worked with all major petroleum development companies and most of the supporting contractors over the course of the last 10 years.  He has managed the in-house risk and safety teams for  consultancies, engineering contractors and class societies.

Graham is responsible for, and will usually be invoved in, all stages of the project process. He oversees initial client contact, proposal development and contract negotiations. This ensures that your required outcomes are accurately identified at the outset and that the project deliverables and service meet your specific needs.

Graham maintains full responsibility for maintaining our high standards of project management, execution and delivery; and client relationship management that will exceed your expectations.

Graham Bower-White

Executive Director, Operations

Graham Bower-White, Executive Director Operations


For all technical issues & matters pertaining to project work,
please contact Graham
+61 488 075 757,

or use the link provided

Claire Bower-White

Executive Director, Corporate

Claire was educated in WA, and successfully completed a Bachelor of Commerce degree, majoring in Accounting and Commercial Law at the University of Western Australia. She has worked in a variety of related areas, as

• an income tax specialist, front-line manager, business tax and line management consultant, and GST auditor for the ATO,

• an internal operations adviser, and legal research officer for Lotteries WA,

• a Parliamentary committee (Public Accounts and Expenditure Review Committee) financial researcher for the Parliament of WA,

• as a senior corruption prevention specialist with the Independent Commission Against Corruption in NSW, and

• a sales manager for Sovereign Sales Tupperware.

She has considerable experience managing teams of up to 50 technical or sales staff, and in small business management.

She has undertaken complex productivity analyses, prepared management advisory guidelines, drafted Parliamentary reports, and policy and procedural documents for state and local government bodies. Claire is also a trained & extremely experienced motivational speaker, and technical & marketing presenter.

Claire Bower-White, Executive Director Corporate

For all finance & legal matters  please contact Claire
+61 427 030 662,
or use the links provided.

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We have extensive experience in the oil & gas industry, including:


Storage vessel offloading at refinery jetty

BP Kwinana Refinery

CS1 Metering Station

Fimiston Plant

Harriet Alpha Platform

Harriet Bravo Platform

Harriet Charlie Platform

Kapuni Production Station

Karratha Gas Plant

King Bay Supply Base

Kleenheat Gas Plant

Otway Gas Plant

Pluto Gas Plant

Rig 11 onshore





Deen Dayal



Harriet Joint Venture







North Rankin


Siakap North - Petai


Van Gogh

Varanus Island Hub



Western Flank Alpha

Floating oil platform



Balnaves FPSO

Challis FPSO





Griffin Venture FPSO

Jabiru FPSO

Jascon 25

Jascon 34

Lewek Champion

Kikeh FPSO


Nganhurra FPSO

Ningaloo Vision FPSO

Ocean Legend MOPU

Raroa FPSO

Tog Mor



Pioneer Express

drilling vessel at sea

recent projects

HAZID for brownfield modification to offshore platform.

Complete revision to environmental risk assessment process for major oil and gas operator.

Development of risk assessment template for major oil and gas operator to standardise approach to environmental risk assessments across all Australian operations.

Gap analysis and review of onshore construction project HSE management system with recommendations for areas of improvement.

Ship impact risk assessment update to account for increase in shipping frequency for offshore platform.

Design review, HAZID and HAZOP for brownfield modifications to FPSO and WHP.

Design review and risk assessment for subsea well spool installation activities.

Risk assessment for reduction in loss of containment barriers for subsea gas injection well.

Risk assessment for well intervention campaign on WHP.

HAZID for refurbishment of LNG loading jetty.

Ongoing support and advice to operator of multiple oil and gas facilities with regards to environmental spill modelling.

Design review, HAZOP and CHAZOP for refinery alkylation unit water mitigation system.

HSE advisor for brownfields modification project adding accommodation extension to offshore platform.

ENVID workshops for multiple facilities.


Risk assessment & ALARP demonstration for modifications
to gas receiving system.

Risk assessment, HAZID, constructability review & ALARP demonstration for rectification works to gas plant underground and above ground drainage piping.

Risk assessment & ALARP demonstration for modifications
to gas plant gas feed header.

HAZIDs & constructability reviews
for rectification works to gas plant substation.

HAZID, constructability reviews & complete set of FSA studies for refurbishment of gas plant.

HAZID & constructability reviews
for gas plant service water header replacement

HAZID & constructability reviews for gas plant level gauge replacement project.

HAZID & constructability reviews
for gas plant chilled water header replacement.

Business risk assessment, HAZID, HAZOP & constructability review for brownfield modification to gas plant.

HSE Lead for, and completion of all
FSA studies for, offshore platform complex during FEED.

Options risk assessment & ALARP Demonstration for field methanol logistics study.

HAZID & constructability review for new FPSO H2S scavenger equipment.

HAZID & constructability reviews for supply base high voltage upgrade.

HAZID & constructability reviews
for removal of mud plant from site.

Safety case revision for compressed gas storage on construction vessel.

HAZID for FPSO module installation using Jascon 25.

HAZOP of modification to LNG plant
to improve production efficiency.

Design review of riser support structure during FEED.

Full gap analysis of facility safety
case against current regulations and expectations.

HSE Manager for platform diving program throughout project development.

Update of management of change process for SIMOPs permit to work system.

SIMOPs HAZID for platform installation/construction activities.

HAZID of construction activities during wellhead platform re-installation.

HAZID & option risk assessment for abandonment of subsea facilities.

HAZID, HAZOP & design review for modifications to FPSO topsides.

HAZOP & SIL for new compressor station.

Update of SIMOPs plan for drilling campaign.

HAZID for FPSO DTM pull-in rope replacement project.

HAZID, bow-ties & risk input to well operations management plans for six separate facilities.

Spill risk assessments for input into operations EP & OSCP for nine separate facilities.

HAZOP of planned use of gas-lift oil producing wells as gas injectors.

Gap analysis & management system update to achieve CHESM Compliance.

HAZID for FPSO module installation using Sapura 3000.

Assistance with close-out of HAZID & HAZOP outstanding action items.

Assistance with closure of general practice gap actions.

Update of oil refinery alarm database.

Retrohazop & SIL of oil refinery converter, GRU, jetties, AFPU, VDU2 & CDU1.


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